Faces of Promise: Looking Beyond Autism 


Faces of Promise: Looking Beyond Autism is a collaboration between Dr. Richard Ehrlich, fine art photographer and physician, and Dr. Barbara Firestone, President, CEO & Founder of The Help Group, one of the nation’s leading nonprofits serving children with autism and other special needs. This large-format, beautifully designed book shares sensitive portraits of young people on the autism spectrum paired with personal reflections from their parents and, in some cases, from the young people themselves.

Faces of Promise had its genesis when Richard Ehrlich approached Dr. Firestone with an idea to promote the acceptance of children with autism through his photography. Underscored by the core belief that “Dignity, hope, opportunity and love are the birthrights of all children,” they set out to illustrate in photos and words the beauty and promise of the children. Faces of Promise is an unforgettable and deeply moving tribute to the young people portrayed in the book and their families.

35 Polaroid images from the book "Faces of Promise: Looking Beyond Autism" have been accepted into the permanent collection of the Houston Museum of Fine Arts.