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Face the Music exhibit at the GRAMMY Museum begins Sept 12 at 6:30 PM

"As an educational institution, the GRAMMY Museum aims to bring a variety of artistic mediums to best experience and learn more about the universal power of music. The portraits on display captured by Richard Ehrlich as part of Face The Music exhibit visually capture the undeniable influence music has on human emotion."

Michael Sticka, GRAMMY Museum President.

Who is Richard Ehrlich…

Photography has been an abiding passion for me since childhood. After many years of taking intra-operative surgical photographs, I began focusing on landscape photography. A life-long infatuation with the Impressionist painters, who depended more on feeling than fact, led to my overall desire to capture provocative images that describe how I feel when visualizing a scene rather than simply representing what is actually seen.

A natural curiosity for the visually unusual led me to photograph abandoned houses in Namibian desert, and long abandoned diamond mining camps that had not been visited for over 50 years. The desire to capture these almost surreal images of nature reclaiming the desert fostered similar projects such as the abandoned Cook County Hospital in Chicago, built in 1845, and Belmont Park in downtown Los Angeles, centered around a graffiti park undergoing demolition.

The Homage to Rothko series is a paean to my favorite painter whose work has been an inspirational foundation for many years. Anatomia Digitale (Nazraeli Press 2009) represents permutations and interpretations of radiological based images as a basis for artistic expression and celebration of the exquisite beauty of the human form.

Reverie focuses on images reminiscent of dream states, while The Other Side of The Sky is a conceptual project inspired by Yves Klein "signing" the sky as his first work in 1947. The images are based on actual Malibu sky images that have been reinterpreted and rendered into pure abstraction, implying what might exist on the other side of the sky. 

Face-The Music (Steidl 2016)  captures, in portraiture, how musicians feel while listening to music of their choice.

Faces of Promise: Looking Beyond Autism photographs children on the autism spectrum with notations from their parents. It serves to counteract uninformed and erroneous stereotypes of autism and portrays these children with promise, dignity and hope.

My passion for making photographs, much like a painter’s passion to lay down marks, comes from a desire to express how I feel rather than to simply depict what is seen.
— Richard M. Ehrlich

The latest project, Neogenesis 1, combines disparate photographs to form completely new images, mirroring Duchamp's credo that all art is in reality "definitively unfinished".

Neogenesis 2 - takes this one step further with Neogenesis 1 as a starting point and applying inkjet gel transfers to the underlying image, again resulting in a new aesthetic sensibility.

What's Past is Prologue: That Was Then, This is Now - The title is derived from Shakespeare's TEMPEST-Act II Scene 1. The past is the predicate for the present which in turn sets the stage for the future. Mirroring the ancient Greek concept that art is always in a state of "becoming," this series portraying iconic paintings and photographs demonstrates that artistic expression can recontextualize art from the past . The series  serves as the basis of a continuum of unique permutations and iterations, acting as a bridge from the past to the present.

Surface Aria: Inside The Outside - Meticulous attention to surface rendering has preoccupied sculptors for millennia. This project captures coned-down macro views of iconic sculptural surfaces that when isolated portray fascinating abstract designs and patterns.

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